WBS Apparel and the Future

The lack of affordable, high quality meme apparel and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. At WBS, we believe in the idea that clothing should make a statement, last forever, and never cost an arm and a leg.

Looking to monetize? Partner with us and we will get your fans high quality merchandise that they will be excited to wear and give you better returns than alternative print on demand services. Best part is, we are with you every step of the way. Take a look at our current partners and reach out if you want us to start working for you.

Meet the Team

It took a while to assemble the perfect team to handle your based apparel needs, but we are here, and we won't rest until you start looking like less of a loser. Whether you like it or not.

  • Max Teller - Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer

    When he isn't chasing down leads and bringing in new merchandising partners, Max is modeling the latest designs from WBS Apparel in our ever-growing product catalog. He's no stranger to either side of the camera lens, and has spent years honing his talent to become one of Baltimore's preeminent photographers. He never hesitates to take the shot, whether or not there's a camera in his hand.

  • Chet Alexander - Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer

    He manages products, processes orders, oversees warehousing operations, and so much more. A reliable man of many talents, Chet is the lifeblood of the company in more ways than one. If it needs to be done, Chet is the big boy who will find a way to make it work, all by himself.

  • Jim Strabo - Co-Owner and Chief Technology Officer

    From the slums of Calabria to the ivory towers of Baltimore, Jim is ready to carry Caesar's bloodline into the apparel business, one click at a time. Whether it's managing our website, pitching product ideas, or coming up with new eye-catching content, this award-winning jack-of-all-trades is always willing to cross the Rubicon just for you.

  • Kurt Angleton - Executive Vice President of Shitlording

    When he's not jumping on the office furniture or petting the office dog just a little too hard, he's owning libs on twitter with a lower IQ than him. We're just glad he's on our side.

  • Dom Chudsky - CFO (Chief Fedposting Officer) and Social Media Manager

    Our resident chud whisperer doesn't just spend all day scrolling his news feeds. He also reigns supreme over our extensive overseas operations with a firm, but fair iron fist.

Our Mission

Founded in 2023, WBS Apparel is poised to become the premiere merchandise company for our guys with the safest, coolest, and most legal gear on the internet.

And we don't just sell our own clothes. We work hard to make life easier for our merchandising partners, by taking on all of the logistics ourselves and delivering each and every piece of their merchandise into the hands of their loyal customers. When we succeed, you succeed with us. Let's grow something together.