Infinite Summer Magazine

WBS Apparel is partnering with Double Dealer to produce a summer-themed magazine. We're on the lookout for your submissions, so send your stories to

We're setting a limit of 1,000 words, but it could be as few as 50. If you have a banger in drafts that you'd like published, send it in and we'll make sure the people see your work. The only requirement is to keep it summer-related, and we know you have a ton of these. Getting kicked out of parties, risking life and limb to impress girls, love and loss at the beach. Make us laugh, cry, or throw up and you're guaranteed to see your story in print. 

The format isn't important. Stories, poetry, sonnets, you name it. Any genre. Just keep it fun and engaging and you've got a shot at the first prize.


  • First prize wins a $125 WBS Apparel gift card and your story featured on page 1.
  • Second Prize wins an $80 gift card and your story on page 2.
  • Third Prize wins a $50 gift card and your story also on page 2.
  • Every single submission will receive a $5 WBS Apparel gift card. 


  • 50 - 1,000 words
  • Theme of summertime fun, aiming for comedic tone, but anything goes
  • No more stories about killing hookers. Please.

But act quickly, because the deadline is June 15th.