Dan Baltic

Life hasn't been easy for Spencer Grunhauer. Fired from his NYC nonprofit job for writing a "reactionary" manifesto during work hours, he drowns his sorrows with high-end liquor and online porn while raging against the "Davos Daddies" and their plans to crush Western civilization. But when he meets a young woman on a BDSM dating site, Spencer takes it upon himself to indoctrinate her in the tenets of "the Project," leading him down a rabbit hole of public humiliation and mental illness, culminating in a ill-conceived plot to take the "Davos Daddies" down once and for all.

NUTCRANKR is a comic examination of fringe ideology, social atomization, and sexual dysfunction in modern America. Dan Baltic's debut novel is a sardonic look at a certain type of Extremely Online character we're all too familiar with and what happens when their delusions and flights of fancy come into contact with the real world. Buy the book on Amazon